Why is the MSSP model transforming into the model of choice for enterprises?

In the maze of IT departments today, enterprises are struggling with their ability to secure all of the new technology entering their networks. Every day there are new solutions from cloud services, to mobile devices, and many other critical applications. IT departments have become a whirlwind of activity that in its haste has become difficult to secure and as a result to avoid downtime.

The aspects that enterprises are having difficulty with include securing cloud services and mobile device access, always with their eye on the ball to avoid downtime and mitigate potential availability. Special focus is always on the black hole of breaches DATA that has the potential to cause immense reputational damage. These are only some of the current business risks that enterprises face, and each day further aspects are added. Every time the risks grow more critical.

Enterprises are constantly exposed to a number of increasing threats. Vicious attacks are growing more vicious and sophisticated by the day. Recent breaches demonstrate how far adversaries will go when it comes to breaching organizations and especially stealing data that can then be re-purposed for further attacks — which many experts believe is often their motivation.

The right MSSP promises to provide the following benefits:

    1. Reduced Costs – A well-structured MSSP will have advantageous pricing on software and applications from security vendors because of their knowledge and professional relationships. Secondly, with the right MSSP, personnel costs are lower due to the fact that you are sharing those costs with other companies using that same MSSP. When you fund the staffing of your own security team you need to make sure you have enough work to fill their 40-hour weeks – just to justify the expense of their employment.


    1. A Full Deck of Experts – A good MSSP will have the best-of-breed technologies in his cache, and it will be targeted to suit your company’s needs and network. Additionally, a good MSSP will have teams of security experts working on various aspects. Those experts focus on security challenges all day long. You’re not getting a single IT expert – you’re getting an entire team.


    1. Full Coverage – The team behind your full MSSP Offering will be watching your enterprise network 24/7/365 – weekends and holidays included. You won’t get that on the premises, and if you do – your costs just exceeded your budget


  1. The Benefits of Shared Experience – With a complete team of security experts supporting numerous customers, you benefit from the challenges met at other customers, new breaches or attacks.  It is highly likely that the MSSP team will observe the latest attack vectors on another of their customers’ networks and can apply countermeasures to all other enterprise network’s under their surveillance before it can cause any further damage.

So you see there are multiple benefits to consider an MSSP offering as oppose to doing it in-house yourself. You focus on what your company needs to do. Trust your IT Management to the right MSSP.