Security Report: Cyber Criminals Target Enterprises in Nigeria – Cryptomining Attacks

CyberSOC Africa FIRST Team | Forensics, Intelligence and Incidence Response An ongoing cryptomining attack against Nigeria Enterprises have been recently observed. These attacks have critical impacts but go almost undetected by many security solutions as recent variants are fileless, thus evading many signature-based security solutions. The power requirements for mining cryptocurrency make enterprise networks a prime target for cryptomining malware attacks. These attacks abuse the PowerShell to deliver various payloads and oftentimes, incorporate credential theft techniques using theMimikatz tool and WMI to propagate and move laterally once in an environment. PowerShell functionalities such as the ability to hide commands behind network traffic, define and run…Read more>>

Dear CIO – if you are seeking peace of mind… I may be able to help you

IT leaders fully appreciate the advantages of partnering with an MSSP. According to much research, when asking the average IT professional to list the benefits provided by the MSSP model  60-70 percent of those polled noted: Full coverage was the winner;  24x7 monitoring. A further 55-65 percent identified having access to specialized security skills. A close third, 45-55 percent hailed better security effectiveness and finally 40-50 percent cited having a knowledge base, sharing information with other companies. Superior MSSPs provide further benefits that many businesses don’t fully appreciate, such as comprehensive log monitoring and management. Most IT departments have more…Read more>>

Why is the MSSP model transforming into the model of choice for enterprises?

In the maze of IT departments today, enterprises are struggling with their ability to secure all of the new technology entering their networks. Every day there are new solutions from cloud services, to mobile devices, and many other critical applications. IT departments have become a whirlwind of activity that in its haste has become difficult to secure and as a result to avoid downtime. The aspects that enterprises are having difficulty with include securing cloud services and mobile device access, always with their eye on the ball to avoid downtime and mitigate potential availability. Special focus is always on the…Read more>>