Advanced Malware
Protection Management

The Challenges:

  • Today’s hacker focused on stealing; money, intellectual property, identities, state secrets and more. These “zero-day” threats make malware harder to detect as it has not been seen before and no countermeasures in place.
  • New weapon of choice is APT (advanced persistent threat) based malware that’s often undetectable by signature-based defenses.
  • CyberSOC Africa recommends advanced deception mechanism (that acts similar to honeypot), to drag the hackers to it.

We Provide:

  • CyberSOC Africa’s Managed Advanced Malware Protection Service ideal for forward-thinking organizations that require protection from unknown and evolving attack vectors.
  • Service provides greater in-depth insight, outstanding net­work visibility and the power to set more granular policies.
  • Advanced Malware Protection service provides elite layer of defense against emerging zero-day threats, and APT’s.
  • Our Service is based on lightweight appliance, which provides “bread crumb trail” of hacker actions, combined with sophisticated botnet detector.
  • Upon detection of compromise patterns, our security analysts use intelligence to connect dots and deconstruct events for actionable data enabling fast response to threat.

Main Benefits:

  • 24×7 security monitoring by an Advanced Analyst team in the CyberSOC Threat Operations Center.
  • Real time and historical visibility into your network and specific data around attack vector.
  • Full system emulation; detect a new class of malware and APT designed to evade security controls
  • Accurate diagnosis and response; Know what you are dealing with and how to respond. Get actionable data to reduce exposure to malware threat.