The Challenges:

  • Intrusion detection & prevention systems provide an extra layer of protection, improving the ability to respond to potential intrusions or unauthorized behavior before these intrusions become serious security breaches.
  • IDS/IDP systems are complex technologies, difficult to manage and maintain. They generate large volumes of complex data and alerts, which require rapid, accurate analysis and interpretation to truly reduce risk.
  • This level of vigilance requires time, effort and specialized expertise. managing your intrusion detection and prevention systems means you have less time to execute strategic business activities.

We Provide:

  • Manage a device which enables your organization to control access inside the network to secure assets with full-state inspection.
  • Create targeted signature sets with default groupings to help meet the specific needs of the environment in which sensors are placed.
  • Assist the organization deploy correct policy to each environment, with minimum performance impact, and maximum security possible.
  • 24×7 service event monitoring quickly identifies evidence of suspicious activity, filtering out false positives so that you are notified of actual threats only.

Main Benefits:

  • Integrated threat intelligence from CyberSOC Africa Advanced Security Research Team increases your uptime by preventing security infections and keeping malware out.
  • Improves IDS/IPS effectiveness: expert signature tuning and device management to ensure maximum device value.
  • Identify and respond to threats faster: our certified security analysts monitor your IDS/IPS alerts in real time, 24×7. Immediate alert and response