Security Alerting 
and Monitoring

manage SIEM to customized analytics that can help detect and prevent attacks

The Challenge:

  • Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) technologies play a vital role in assisting you to:
  • detect and respond to IT security threats and breaches
  • mitigate risk
  • ensure compliance

SIEM technologies core features:

  • Ability to gather security data from all critical assets residing on your network and present data as actionable information via a single interface
  • Allow your security team to gain holistic understanding of your assets’ security status, prioritize security incidents, and demonstrate compliance with regulations more efficiently.

We Provide:

  • Security and compliance for your organization with or without need to install and configure SIEM product at your location. Our Managed SIEM Service can start providing events, and protect your organization, in just days.
  • Extensive capabilities for additional correlation, reporting and ad-hoc SIEM analysis via services through our 24×7 Security Operations Centers.
  • Fully managed security incident and event monitoring service that automatically gathers data from key points throughout your network. We correlate, analyze, and transform that data into manageable stream to identify threats prioritized to the level of risk.
  • Improved response time: apply action-based insights from rapid analysis of log activity and aggregate information.

SIEM Security

  • Tier 1 and Tier 2 security monitoring; response, analytics, and remediation steps from our dedicated SOC. We customizes analytics that can help detect and prevent attacks specific to your environment
  • Optimized methodology to eliminate false positives and negatives to provide high level of accuracy in identifying a wide range of intrusion and security incidents.
  • Advanced Correlation and Threat Management flexibility and configurability to meet your evolving needs. Functionality includes rule, vulnerability, statistical, historical, heuristic, threat, asset, behavior and risk-based support.

SIEM Compliance

  • Audit Ready –  Our SIEM portfolio lets you effectively meet your audit needs with consistent controls based on best practice frameworks and regulatory and industry requirements.
  • Control –  Real-time control monitoring, compliance reporting, automated compliance alerting, notification & scheduling capabilities ensure your organization stays ahead of threat curve.
  • Enhanced Reporting – Generate compliance-focused reports that can be scheduled or run ad-hoc against alerts, events and trend data.

SIEM Operations

  • User Experience – Our SIEM portfolio includes a familiar browser-based UI design with workflow support for analyst threat monitoring and incident response tasks. CyberSOC Africa significantly enhances the ability to quickly identify events and activities of interest.
  • Operational Maintenance – Easy-to-install data modules enable standard and customized log acquisition from almost any audit/Detection source – all complemented by automated updates and centralized management.

Main Benefits:

  • 24×7 continuous monitoring for real-time response to security events and any configuration change requests.
  • Real-time visibility, security notifications and compliance reporting.
  • Certified engineers leveraging predictive analytics to detect potential security issues before they can impact your network health.
  • Flexible platform supports on-premise, or remote MSSP hybrid deployment options to leverage your existing cyber investments along with the latest advancements in security technology