WAF Management
and DDoS Protection

We Provide:

  • We set and update protective WAF policy; Block attacks, continuously monitor your web applications for attacks and performance, address compliance requirements, including the PCI DSS.
  • DDoS Protection service a fully managed security service to help organizations respond to threat of DoS and DDoS attacks.  Service staff augments adaptive rate controls to perform real-time analysis of ongoing attacks, tune existing rules, create custom rules as required/ Also adapt to changing attack vectors and multi-dimensional threats
  • Continuous Protection with on-going tuning, we deliver continuous protection against today’s threat landscape.
  • Real-time Detection-automated behavioral profiling and multiple collaborative detection engines help you and your team quickly identify abnormal behavior, improve threat blocking and prevent outbound data leaks.
  • Greater Scalability- WAF management services built to scale to reduce complexity and cost of securing your growing web environment.

The Challenges

  • Enterprise sites are a top target for hackers because their web applications handle valuable credit account and identity theft information.
  • Recent research: 99% of the applications included at least one serious vulnerability.

Main Benefits

  • Combine highly-scalable infrastructure with in-depth, 24×7 security operations centers (SOC), our Managed WAF service is able to defend against the largest and most sophisticated attacks
  • Continuous monitoring and management of WAF sensors, regular tuning and configuration support and full integration with SIEM for advanced threat correlation.
  • Flexible and Extensible to address any WAF deployment environment. WAF management services  can be extended to edge of your network even in the most highly distributed environments.
  • DDoS Protection service provides organizations with simple and effective solution to mitigate the growing threat of DoS and DDoS attacks.