CyberSOC is leading the revolution in forward thinking Managed Security Services. The CyberSOC mission is to provide real time business continuity for companies in an age of constant cyber-challenges. CyberSOC solutions are modular and support both large and growing companies requiring assistance to deal with constanty evolving cyber-threats and risks. CyberSOC’s unique and flexible solutions offer businesses innovative ways to address the liabilities of today’s cyber-security and compliance requirements.

CyberSOC’s staff are industry veterans with decades of accumulative experience as to the complexities and requirements of delivering solutions that achieve information security and regulatory objectives. Operating as an extension of our customers› IT personnel, CyberSOC’s highly experienced and knowledgeable professionals, apply their expertise to proactively secure digital assets through comprehensive assessment, vigilant monitoring, response, and remediation through CyberSOC’s Threat Analytics platform. (CTAP)
Delivering Cyber Security Solutions and Expertise to Enterprises in Africa.

As a leader in security solutions, we go to the extra mile to provide your enterprise with early warning signs to detect cyber threats, enabling you to prevent, detect, and rapidly respond to cyber-attacks. Our vigilant staff has the ability to predict many attacks prior to their occurrence, due to our high level relationships with law enforcement and government. Many hundreds of customers from Africa trust us to protect their operations and information from today’s most advanced security threats, a trust that we are proud to say we earn every day.
With CyberSOC, you get visibility to identify potential threats in all critical areas in your IT infrastructure, along with actionable, intelligence-driven insights powered by the CyberSOC Threat Analytics Platform (CTAP)

317 million

new malware infections


new malware infections

1.9 million

new bots

Our Story

In 2014, the scale and intensity of cyber-attacks reached a record level. Research has shown more than 317 million new malware infections, 24,000 new daily Ransomware options and 1.9 million new bots*, led by a new generation of threats (APT’s, Ransoms etc.) These attacks have drained the internet structure, and an accumulated billions of dollars of cost to enterprises in attacks and breaches.

In this rapidly evolving threat environment, CyberSOC Africa has diligently constructed a unique and powerful MSSP offering for businesses working in the African business environment. Our offering provides formidable defences against a wide range of cyber-attacks, as well as data protection and reduction of security risks, making us the obvious and trusted partner you need to defend and defeat these threats.

Working together, we can tailor this program to precisely fit your specific security requirements and budget possibilities. Using industry-leading tools, technology, and expertise, we secure and protect your information assets 24/7.

CyberSOC Africa was devised especially for African businesses with the explicit aim of helping businesses fight cybercrime, protect data and reduce security risks. With our managed security services (MSSP), integrated technologies and team of security experts from Israel and Nigeria, we enable businesses to transform the way they manage their information security and compliance programs, enabling them to have solid infrastructures with zero downtime to support their business.

At CyberSOC Africa we believe the very best way to offer a comprehensive security services offering, is by using the MSSP model for the following simple reasons:

  • It is difficult for small and medium sized businesses to have the full range of skillsets necessary to implement every aspect of cyber policy. Having lesser personnel means they need to have a broader range of experience as oppose to having experts in every facet.
  • It is not simple to find the right cyber talent. Then the investment to train and retrain your talent is constant.
  • All these processes take time, and time during a cyber attack is your enemy. Your cyber needs to be

Our People

We seek out the brightest minds for our threat researchers, security consultants, incident responders, threat analysts, and place the highest value on attracting the best security expertise.
We encourage strong collaboration by our security experts with their peers in the security community, law enforcement, and government organizations, as well as participation in industry and standards organizations.

Our threat unit of researchers, from Israel and Africa, spend long hours investigating threats. This research is applied across our operations and enhances the protection you enjoy.
Our security and risk consultants help you assess the state of your current security posture, meet compliance regulations or design the future state of your security. They help you take your security operations to the next level.

Our security analysts and Incident responders in our SOC protect your environment 24/7/365. We monitor your environment, alert you to areas of concern, and provide you actionable guidance on next steps to consider. We share your sense of urgency. Whether preparing for or responding to an actual incident, our experts have the all round experience to make sure the bump in the road, remains just that a small bump in the road and back to uninterrupted business operations.

Our Values

We share your sense of urgency
Your business is our business

It is our pleasure to serve with the highest standards

As if we were sitting in the room next to you

We respectfully express our concerns and ideas now

We work with an emphasis on new ideas and breakthroughs