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Effectively close security gaps.

Our Red Team service is a full-scope, multi-layered attack simulation, orchestrated from the perspective of a malicious threat actor, designed to measure how prepared your infrastructure, Processes and Technologies can defend and withstand an attack from a real-life adversary, while uncovering potential risks and security vulnerabilities.

CyberSOC Africa’s team of experts gain deep understanding of your cyber security ecosystem to test for operational readiness using open source intelligence gathering and social engineering approaches, while preying on internal and external vulnerabilities that could be used in exploiting physical and infrastructural weaknesses to gain access into your environment

  • Exclusive cyber elite teams

    With military-grade cyber experience, simulates the tactics, techniques and procedures of real-life attacks, without the negative real-life consequences.

  • You define attack objectives

    Define the attack objectives and test your internal security team’s ability to defend critical assets

  • Gain insights

    Identify the most relevant cybersecurity threats to your specific business. Mitigate and manage with actionable insights and recommendations.

  • Improve your security

    Enhance your team’s future ability to react to threats by updating processes, policies, and training

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