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Paygilant is a revolutionary frictionless fraud prevention for fintech, designed to protect Neo/challenger/digital banks, eWallets, Crypto, and more. It eliminates the trade-off between fraud prevention, frictionless user experience, and user privacy.

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  • Our Unique Values

    • Unparalleled Fraud Prevention
    • Frictionless User Experience
    • Fraud Detection from Day 1
    • Easy & Quick Integration
    • Fully Managed Service
    • Vulnerability Management
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  • Our Solutions

    • Control Fraud
    • Frictionless User Experience
    • Easy Integration
    • Detection From Day 1
    • Cut Costs
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How Does the Paygilant Solution Work with Digital Banks?

  • Unmatched Visibility & Capacity

    Paygilant operates in the background of the app and transparently validates the customer’s identity.

  • RealTime Data Analysis

    Paygilant analyzes the data in real-time by using its ML algorithms to determine a trust score.

  • Get Value Quickly

    The process is completely seamless and transparent to the user to deliver a true frictionless experience and checkout completion.

  • Cyber Security In Just One Click

    This process is continuous, throughout the entire user’s journey from app launch to checkout.

Who We Are

Digital banks have disrupted the financial sector by riding the wave of technology. They are capturing traditional banks’ customer base with new and unique banking services thatreinvent the customer experience. To be competitive, digital banks must prioritize transforming the customer experience while also establishing trust, a quality traditional banks have built over centuries. However, they face the dual challenge of preventing fraud and ensuring compliance. The key question is: How can digital banks safeguard their exceptional customer experience from the detrimental effects of fraud? This dilemma often forces them to choose between increasing customer friction through false declines or compromising customer trust due to fraud incidents like data breaches and account takeover. In addition, digital banks face a significant challenge in ensuring both secure and frictionless onboarding processes. Many digital banks rely heavily on technology-driven procedures, minimizing direct human involvement. As a result, digital banks can inadvertently onboard fraudsters without notice. Once approved, a fraudster effectively becomes a legitimate customer due to the one-off process.

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