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Swiftly React and Recover from Cyber Events

A computer emergency response team (CERT) is a group of experts who responds to cybersecurity incidents. Our experts have unmatched response time in providing the region with superior, on-premise defense that significantly reduces risk exposure while empowering business leaders to focus on growing their business with confidence. Our team employs the latest and most advanced technologies and cyber tactics to provide unmatched minimal response time and effectiveness.


  • Unmatched In continent/Country SLA, 24/7on call team
  • Military grade tactics and experienced personnel
  • In depth Technological understanding and agility
  • Off-shore A grade back up team on standby included in the SLA
  • In house Forensic support team with cutting - edge technological capabilities
  • Ongoing monitoring and analytics of your Network using high end EDR and network analytics tools

The Largest Local Incident Response Team in Africa

  • Exclusive robust on-premise or near-premise teams

    With unmatched response capabilities customized for Africa’s unique cyber threatscape.

  • Unmatched visibility and capacity

    Collect and centrally store security events from all endpoints including servers, desktops, laptops, and points of sale.

  • Gain insights, accelerate response and forensics

    Correlate alerts with additional log data to accelerate forensics and minimize future attacks.

  • Market leading technologies

    Actively monitor endpoints, processes, and network connections. Get alerts 24x7 and initial actionable recommendations for remediation.

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