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Cyber security of international caliber: local and at scale

CyberSOC Africa operates an in-country, state-of-the-art, ISO certified security operations center (iSOC). It is comprised of uncompromising design, quality, rigorous engineering, and best-in-breed technologies coupled with an elite team of cyber experts to deliver total cyber enforcement and superior technological capability. Our analysts are exposed to a wide array of cyber incidents, customers, technologies, verticals and disciplines, which gives them the ability to provide you with unmatched value in terms of cyber expertise, and ultimately cyber resilience by utilizing our SOC as a service to match your own needs:


  • 24/7/365 ISO certified Security operation Center
  • Integration to customer exiting technology stack and cloud infrastructure
  • Dedicated local team of experts and military grade expats
  • On premise support & maintenance
  • Advanced threat intelligence, targeting Africa’s unique cyber threatscape
  • Vulnerability scans and assessments
  • Unmatched reporting
  • AI-based vulnerability assessment and penetration testing
  • Real time analysis
  • Red team pentesting
  • Automation and orchestration
  • Cyber Security Assessment

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SOC as a Service
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