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CyberSOC Africa is closing the ever-growing gap between cyber needs and the resources to  address them by training hundreds of African cyber security specialist annually - and  employing the very best of them. With strong local presence and an unmatched cyber  intelligence network, the company possesses a true understanding of Africa’s unique  threatscape, local cybercrime motivators, and attackers’ MO.  

Why Us?

  • Get exclusive on-premise or near-premise  teams

    with unmatched response capabilities  customized for Africa’s unique cyber  threatscape.

  • Gain unmatched cyber edge

    with an African-based threat intelligence  network and deception technologies that  harness the best, military-grade tactics, and  methodologies of cyber warfare.

  • Leverage the latest technologies

    and world-renowned cyber security tools to  build your cyber resilience.

  • Boost incident response effectiveness

    with analysts probing for threats round the  clock, and an unmatched local SLA and  in-country IR/CERT team.

  • Obtain best-in-breed cyber security

    to ensure your critical business IT assets  and/or chain supply is well monitored and  protected against any form of cyber threats,  exploits or harm for business continuity.

  • Maintain continuous compliance

    Whether Central Bank regulations, PCI DSS or  GDPR compliance​ - ​with our local ISO27001  certified SOC your compliance requirements  are easily met.

  • Access state-of-the-art SOC as a service

    with dozens of cyber analysts and  incident responders providing in- country 24/7  protection to business and IT assets. Get  immediate protection while building your  internal skill set and capacity.

  • Be part of the fastest growing Pan-African  Cyber Community

    Get first-hand exclusive insights, experience  and best practices for a stronger security  posture that is relevant to the region and its  culture

  • Possibly the largest incident response team in Africa

    Our team employs the latest and most advanced technologies and cyber tactics to provide unmatched minimal response time and effectiveness. Our security experts can help accelerate investigations, minimize cyber as well as business risk and improve cyber posture.

  • Cyber Security Management

    CyberSOC Africa’s report team is producing dynamic comprehensive reports that provide CISOs and their teams unmatched visibility into their organization’s security maturity.
    These weekly, monthly, and quarterly reports consist of 3 dashboards that incorporate information from hundreds of attributes in order to illustrate organizational security maturity score, industry benchmark (how do you rank among your industry), and global benchmark. The reports contain a dynamic simulator that allows IT leaders to gain actionable insights to improve their scores - essentially it is a sophisticated planning tool for maximizing cyber resilience

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